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Sky Full of Mushrooms

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To create Sky Full of Mushrooms you need a few plane loads of paratroopers, each of whom deploys a new type of parachute i.e. ones that form a mushroom shape when deployed.

All that's needed for it to do this is for the top part of the parachute to be connected to an "air transparent" material tube that hangs underneath and completes the mushroom shape without seriously effecting its aerodynamics. The tube part is of course the stem of the mushroom

The actual paratrooper is concealed within the space provided by this tube stem, with his/her legs keeping the bottom end open, so that the net result is the appearance of a large flock of mushrooms slowly descending to earth.

xenzag, May 29 2010

not office chairs then? http://www.timesonl.../article7139574.ece
[po, May 29 2010]

Early hot air balloons resembled mushrooms http://www.oac.cdli.../hi-res/80_1466.jpg
[ldischler, May 29 2010]

The Mysterious Mushroom http://2.bp.blogspo...m-plate1%5B1%5D.jpg
[xenzag, May 29 2010]

Here ya go, [IanTindal]. http://www.ohmenerv...oads/round-tuit.jpg
[MikeD, May 31 2010]

(?) Because [100 percent] asked... http://www.flickr.c...29914@N00/634406451
[Canuck, Jun 01 2010]

one kind of mushroom parachute http://farm4.static...13_579ef08267_m.jpg
[xandram, Jun 02 2010]


       Please explain "air transparent".
pertinax, May 29 2010

       It means that air passes through it easily, like it would a fine mesh fishing net, but it is still visually dense enough from a distance to appear to be solid.
xenzag, May 29 2010

       Like camouflage netting.
ldischler, May 29 2010

MaxwellBuchanan, May 29 2010

       The stem doesn't necessarily have to be "air transparent" for the mushrooms to have a stable descent. As such, I give this idea a bun because it made me happy.
DrWorm, May 29 2010

       (?) This idea would totally rule if it just connected with the air apparent.   

       The trouble is, it would get quite expensive, (since they sink to earth), having to constantly ferry plane-loads skyward. I mean, once they have seen the sky full of mushrooms, I doubt anyone would want to return ever to their pre-sky-filled-with-mushrooms existence.
pocmloc, May 29 2010

       //I despise mushrooms// OK, can the mushrooms, put the paratroopers in business suits & bowler hats.
mouseposture, May 29 2010

       //I despise mushrooms// Dear oh dear, that's a very extreme position. I wasn't suggesting that you be forced to engage in a compulsory inter-species breeding programme with them.   

       What has turned you against the wonderful world of the mysterious fungi? (see pic)
xenzag, May 29 2010

       // //I despise mushrooms.// //
I hear [21_Quest] saying that in the voice of the balder of the two heavies in _Diva_
mouseposture, May 29 2010

       I think you need to explicitly say somewhere that this idea has no merit besides the artistic display. Unless your new parachutes have benefits heretofore untold.
daseva, May 29 2010

       I mostly leave the pursuit of practical ideas to others, best suited to such work. My mind is a free agent!
xenzag, May 29 2010

       //explicitly// It's signed "xenzag," for heaven's sake, Isn't that enough?
mouseposture, May 29 2010

       So... anybody else start whistling the Mario Overworld Theme?
victory, May 29 2010

       I visit the HB less & less nowadays, due to my unhealthy obsession with the murky world of football (soccer) forums, but ideas like this remind me why I should keep coming back.   

       The fact that I knew who's idea it was before I'd even clicked on it is neither here nor there.   

       Thank you, [xenzag].   

       Can the 'shrooms be multi-coloured perchance?
jtp, May 31 2010

       You're welcome..... there's less and less of "us" here now. I feel the bakery has become quite a dull place of late. It does this every so often. Perhaps it's the climate. Perhaps the great leak, but whatever it is "Practical Man" is in the ascendancy.
xenzag, May 31 2010

       At the risk of being accused of kissing your arse, I implore you to continue. Your ideas are fanciful, nonsensical and pointless, and yet strangely beautiful.   

       Even in this brave new practical world we now live in, there will always be room (nay, a need) for people like you.   

       Keep the faith, brother/sister.
jtp, May 31 2010

       Yes there's less "us" currently, though since some of my ideas are practical I guess I'm a "them". I have no problem with fanciful ideas as long as they don't purport to be realistic.   

       [jtp] If you think giving soldiers sub-optimal equipment to work with is "strangely beautiful" you need professional help. [-]
FlyingToaster, May 31 2010

       I want more fanciful ideas, though I know the card I play comes often from "them". The truth is, I like giving people like [xen], [hippo], [bristolz], [FJ] (and others) a boring, negative analysis because it keeps them right in the driver's seat: fretful, guessing, right where they should be, life at the moment! They give it to me, besides!   

       I also think this place would be shit without them. I can't recall a more neutral vote from this side.
daseva, May 31 2010

       I'm not going anyway.... just into my hammock for a while, to stare up at the sky, and wait.
xenzag, May 31 2010

       //If you think giving soldiers sub-optimal equipment to work with is "strangely beautiful" you need professional help. [-]//   

       I know [xenzag] mentions paratroopers, but my assumption was that this was a purely aesthetic exercise, not military.   

       But yes, you're probably right - I may well need professional help.
jtp, May 31 2010

       Pie in the sky...mushroom pie
100 percent, May 31 2010

       //Do you think it’d get crowded up there?//   

       Yes it does. I could tell you a few stories of "sky sharks" stealing my air.   

       //If you think giving soldiers sub-optimal equipment to work with is "strangely beautiful" you need professional help.//   

       Our 'chutes are already produced by the lowest bidder, [FT]. They aren't replaced until they are coming apart at the seams, they are packed by witty folk called "Riggers" whom have a tendency to sign "Mickey Mouse" on the chute-pack log and they are deployed from aircraft piloted by the likes of [21Quest].   

       Fuck it. I'd jump it. I couldn't be that much more lethal.   

       [+], from a paratrooper.
MikeD, May 31 2010

       //but didn’t get round to it.//   

MikeD, May 31 2010

       //sub-optimal equipment//   

       Well, it might not be sub-optimal for the intended purpose, which is probably not combat. You could think of it as parade uniform for a kind of vertical parading.
pertinax, Jun 01 2010

       ~~//I despise mushrooms// Dear oh dear, that's a very extreme position. [...]   

       What has turned you against the wonderful world of the mysterious fungi?~~   

       Relax, it's not personal. 21 Quest despises everything.
Loris, Jun 01 2010

       That's not true. [21 quest] has as many likes as dislikes.... just as everyone else does. (puffs smugly on pipe of conciliation)
xenzag, Jun 01 2010

       Go on then... name one.
Loris, Jun 01 2010

       This doesn't have to be limited to paratroopers or skydivers. I seem to recall NASA used some pretty impressive drogue chutes for the Gemini & Apollo missions, so cargo could participate as well.   

       Anyone else see the sublime irony of crates of fresh mushrooms wafting slowly earthward, borne under huge mushrooms? At the very least, it would give the jumpers something to snack on once they have landed (except for 21Q).
Canuck, Jun 01 2010

       //Go on then... name one// That will be up to [21 Quest]. He seems to like KFC though.
xenzag, Jun 01 2010

       He likes the blumpkin idea.
daseva, Jun 01 2010

       //21 Quest despises everything// Not actually true, but it was the point of my _Diva_ reference.
mouseposture, Jun 01 2010

       //He likes the blumpkin idea.//   

       That might have been a typo; the idea involved mushroom patterns, which we've already established he abhors.
Loris, Jun 01 2010

       Hmmm. In a new development, he does apparently like slinkys. Maybe that's the chink in his armour we can use to rehabilitate him into society.
Loris, Jun 02 2010

       + very artsy...
xandram, Jun 02 2010

       //Maybe that's the chink in his armour we can use to rehabilitate him into society.// He keeps an attack bear.... I'd be careful.
xenzag, Jun 02 2010

       //He keeps an attack bear.... I'd be careful.//   

       As he lives on a different continent, I have the bravery of being out of range.
Loris, Jun 02 2010

       This is bullshit.   

       I was poking fun at 21Q long before it was cool. Now that we've set our differences aside, everyone starts doing it.   

MikeD, Jun 02 2010

       Well, he's not quite a bully, if that's what we're after. I think it's really hard to figure out when someone is seriously being bitter, and when they're having a little fun with it. I like to think he's having fun with it, sometimes; though the intonations often come off smug and unappreciative. We've all been there from time to time. Anyways, mushrooms, yea. Can I just air out the simple fact that this would be enhanced via the ingestion of magic mushrooms?
daseva, Jun 02 2010

       // I was poking fun at 21Q long before it was cool. //   

       Chill out. Just think of yourself as a fashion leader.   

       // often come off smug and unappreciative //   

       Yes, but he still only manages about 30 to 35 milliBubbas, even on his best (worst) days.
8th of 7, Jun 02 2010

       I somehow keep thinking of cream of mushroom soup. Cambell's, to be exact. Every time I see this idea. No parachute there. ( I think the bakery suffers from the diversion of so many other places to visit, other sites, other worlds, so many more than before.)
blissmiss, Jun 03 2010


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