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Sky Parking

Select a hitching rail and press "inflate"
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With city parking at a premium, as noted elsewhere, there may be another solution to the problem: Park in the sky.

When you need to park somewhere you alight from your vehicle and go to a parking station and for a small fee you select a strong cable from the secure hitching point of the parking station then hook it to the towing point on your car.

A large hot air balloon is also attached to the cable and a hose fits securely over the exhaust pipe of your car to inflate the balloon using the heated gases issuing therefrom.

That lifts your car to a predetermined height that gets it out of the road of traffic and above the melee on the ground.

If you run out of fuel while you're gone the cable is wound back in by the winch as it takes up any slack and your car safely returned to the ground. You may be fined for illegal parking, if that is the case.

infidel, May 17 2011


       A normal size hot air balloon can lift about 4 to 6 people. This requires a large, powerful burner and takes some time to fill and warm up. The size of balloon required to lift a car would need a sizeable field for inflation and lift-off. It would also occupy the space of a few buildings in the sky and cast a significant shadow.   

       Also, lifting your car by the towing point isn't such a good idea. All your loose stuff (tapes/CDs, dog etc.) will be on the windscreen and in the footwells. Many modern cars will cut the engine if tipped up to such an angle and the fuel pickup at the bottom of the tank would no longer be in the fuel. All the engine oil would run to the front of the engine, missing the pump pickup and causing the engine to seize.   

       For comedy purposes only.
Twizz, May 17 2011

       Mere detail, [Twizz]. The idea of coming back to a carspace and finding someone has done this to your car amuses me in ways I can't adequately describe.   

       I suspect it would also amuse children and give dogs something else at which to bark.
infidel, May 19 2011

       "give dogs something else at which to bark"   

       I've long suspected that for some, this is their life's only purpose
Twizz, May 19 2011


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