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Tasty Ticket

Here's an idea
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When you enter a parking lot you get the ticket from the machine and hold it in your mouth right? I think pretty much everyone does this.

Wouldn't it be nice if they were flavoured?

Also, many parking lots give different sections animal names, or fruits, or colors so you can remember where you parked. Except I can never remeber if I parked in 'apple' or 'orange' (as it were). I would definately remember where I parked if I had tasted it though. I think.

shinobi, Nov 29 2005


       So if you had tasted the ticket, you are saying you would definitely remember whether you parked in the 'gorilla' lot or the 'rhino' lot?
sleeka, Nov 29 2005

       Well smell is closely linked to memory, and taste is closely linked to smell, so you may be right. It doesn't matter really, I just like the idea of apple flavoured parking tickets.
wagster, Nov 29 2005

       This is great.
soliloquy, Nov 30 2005

       I think [sleeka] was close to this but I will go for it as long as there are no gorilla or rhino flavoured tickets. But perhaps that is fairly obvious.
PollyNo9, Nov 30 2005

       Either way, a parking ticket is going to leave a bitter taste in your mouth.
DrCurry, Nov 30 2005

       "Sorry sir, but we've had your beater towed to the Lemon lot."   

       I like it. However, there is usually only a couple of ticket dispensing machines for an entire lot. How does your ticket know which section you will be parking in?   

       I guess you could computerize the whole thing. Your "smart" ticket dispenser could tell you where an empty space is and spray your ticket with the correct flavor. This would give the additional benefit of ... blah, blah, blah.   

       Never mind, it would be more fun to post a phony sign on a random parking lot CLAIMING that all the tickets taste like fruit.
bneal27, Nov 30 2005

       The car parks at the Eden Project in Cornwall are named after various fruits so this would be useful - although tickets are not currently (hah!) issued, they could be. However, each car park's sign only has a picture of the fruit, and they're so poor that I can't distinguish the plum from the grape. Might I suggest that the signs be lickable also?
angel, Nov 30 2005

       "Bleugh. How come I always end up parking in cucumber?"
Fishrat, Nov 30 2005

       my ticket tastes like urine.
benfrost, Nov 30 2005

       Um, how do you know...?
DrCurry, Nov 30 2005

       I think [benfrost] knows his flavors relating to the human body.   

       Jam, anyone?
AfroAssault, Nov 30 2005

       cough, cough, gag, gag. EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWw!
blissmiss, Nov 30 2005

       [benfrost] As most parking lots smell like stale urine already, it wouldn't help you find your car.... Unless your ticket smelled "fresh".
sophocles, Nov 30 2005

       'Dear, what level did we leave the Volvo?'   

       'Baglady feces wasn't it?'   

       'Hmmm, no I distinctly recall the aroma of wino urine'   

       'Just let me check the ticket'
benfrost, Dec 01 2005

       Dah - I got banana again. Or better yet - printed on fruit roll-up material. +1.
Letsbuildafort, May 10 2006

       I'd park in Minney a lot more often than I'd park in Dopey.
HaltAndCatchFire, May 10 2006

       I wonder- since the perception of flavor/smell is influenced by psychological factors, such as telling someone that something has a flavor like strawberry so they taste strawberry (assuming the real flavor is close), then you could use just a few broad flavors like sour, sweet, etc. and then further define it in the mind of the ticket holder by telling them it is lemon or grapefruit.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 10 2006

       "I'm sorry, sir, but you seem to have licked off the time stamp showing when you entered the parking lot. We'll have to charge you a flat $25 for the whole day."   

       "But I swear I only got here 2 hours ago. I just REALLY like the flavour of the ink. Mmm, pomegranate punch!"
Canuck, May 10 2006

       Yum! Gorilla flavored!
whizzentag, Apr 29 2008

       Ideally, of course, the ticket machine would bake a mini-pizza with the time and fee paid spelt out in tiny, tiny pieces of pepperoni on the top of the pizza.
hippo, Apr 29 2008

       Hippo, kindly add your "Pepperoni Matrix Printer" idea, so that I may bun it.
ed, Apr 29 2008


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