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analogue message, digital transmission, character output
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Skypewriters are Underwood style typewriters, on which you have to bash the keys in order to create any message.

The main difference between Skypewriters and traditional typewriters is in their ability to transmit messages to similar machines linked via the internet.

Messages sent this way are printed out on corresponding Skypewriters on the red ribbon via the paper and key strike method, with the keys being under motor control when in receiving mode.

This means that a really nice record of all conversations are printed live on paper, with the full character of ink smudges, chattering keys, miss-strikes, etc all being preserved.

xenzag, Apr 14 2012

Teletype http://technologize...asr.jpg?w=300&h=284
The venerable ASR 33 [mouseposture, Apr 14 2012]

Underwood http://www.typewriter.be/underwood5.htm
lovely [xenzag, Apr 14 2012]


       Teletype is not what I have in mind.... much too modern - see link.
xenzag, Apr 14 2012

       Well, OK. But an ASR 33 might achieve the right [a]esthetic if you took the case off. Maybe you could retrofit one for steam-power?   

       There is, or was, a gadget that turned typewriters into teletypes, using solenoids to press the keys. Only worked for electric typewriters IIRC, but stronger actuators with longer travel would have allowed it to operate a manual.
mouseposture, Apr 14 2012

sqeaketh the wheel, Apr 14 2012


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