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Slave relief fund

Pays for low wage and offshore workers conditions
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A fund that actually does something about the living conditions and welfare of offshore workers living in slave conditions.

Instead of just bickering on BBC and CNN shows about the terrible conditions that workers from India, Nepal Thailand and Eritrea, Senegal, Bangladesh, Mexico, China and Romania are living in, without running water, toilets or beds for themselves, with no chance to go back home because their passports had been taken away and they have not been paid, and women being sexually harassed by their "owners" in those countries where polygamy is permitted - in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon (youtube videos), and in the wealthy countries: USA, France, Spain, Israel, Italy and the UK...

This fund finds locations that are being used as living quarters for illegal aliens and companies that employ them, and pay the company owners and house owners the money needed to maintain better conditions for the same workers.

The fund has local legally located staff that see that these bought conditions are actually met.

So a dark sweatshop in Hebron, Jordan or East Germany where woman are bent all day working on sewing shoes is paid the earnings of 45 minutes a day to give them a break, and the money it costs to install windows that let the light of day in. Building sites are paid to install toilets and for the water of showers, running a 2nd hand store with clothes that fit the people, and a doctor's office for their benefit.

The fund pays abused workers the fair home and helps them retrieve their passport even if it is held by someone else.

pashute, Mar 30 2015


       Such treatment is actually illegal even in many of the countries where it happens. The relief fund would be better spent on lawyers to bring these 'employers' to court and getting justice done.
21 Quest, Mar 30 2015

       I agree with [21]. It's not a lack of money, rather it's corruption that allows this to continue.   

       And sending the money to the owners to fix things up? There are good owners and bad ones. The bad owners take your passport and lock you up at night. I don't think we want to send those ones any money.
the porpoise, Mar 30 2015

       This would subsidize bad behavior. No thanks.
RayfordSteele, Mar 30 2015

       I disagree. These millions of people live in miserable conditions. Fight the legal thing bla bla bla. They're suffering. NOW. They don't have a toilet. They don't have a shower. They don't have a good job. This is the job they got. They openly cry. The Abu Dhabi guys or the sweat shop owners chose to ignore. And if they do close down, the situation gets worse! They need this work with all the low wages. Help them get some dignity. Help them live in better conditions. Help them opt out if they want to. Don't let anyone push them down. Help them keep their heads above the water. And our rep is there to see that it actually happens.   

       This is a fund that protects boat people and gives them food and helps them fix the motor. It helps them find a path to safety. But it does not go to war against the country they are fleeing from. Its a fund that realizes the reality and the limited ability to correct the world. Meanwhile we do something small and make their life bearable.   

       I posted the idea last night. This morning we heard the horrible news about little kids dying, one of them this morning, at the hospital in my country, because their refugee or infiltrator parents sent them to an overcrowded kinder garden. Horrors.
pashute, Mar 30 2015

       What is an infiltrator parent?
bungston, Mar 30 2015

       Infiltrators are people from alien (usually enemy) countries, who illegally cross the border and infiltrate the country they wish to reach and sometimes dominate.   

       In 1982 I was in a battle combating volunteers from Sudan who came to Lebanon to join the battle against Israel. The same people had been working in Libya, invited there by the government for good pay. Recently, after the ousting of Ghaddaffi, and even some time before, the fate of dark skinned people in that country turned, and was not very happy, so they began searching for new places to go. There's a youtube video that shows these people , when asked if they acknowledge the Israeli government, telling a group of Israelis in Tel Aviv that Israel is not our country, and that the they will take it away from the Israelis.   

       Refugees on the other hand are people who are running away from a bad situation where they are being threatened and attacked. This is happening in Eritrea and in Darfur, where oil is found and sold to the mining companies, while the people are being displaced and sometimes replaced.   

       Both refugees and infiltrators are living here under similar conditions, except that the infiltrators are illegal while the refugees are allowed to stay and move around freely.   

       They come here via "trafficking people" usually Arabic speaking Egyptians and Algerians who promise them "the good life" and take them in closed trucks with no food, through thousands of kilometers of the South Mediterranean land deserts and passed the great cities of these civilizations, and bring them to Israel, because it is perceived as a Western culture country and a place where they can prosper.   

       Both these people are in a totally different category, at least in this country, from those that are "foreign workers", legally brought in for work in agriculture - from Thailand, and for assisting the elderly - from the Philippines, or for the building industry - from Nepal and Romania etc.   

       These low wage workers, along with the Arab workers from Judea and Samaria, Druze workers from Lebanon (in the past) and from the Golan, receive accommodation, medical treatment, and when their families are brought here for 6 years, (because workers are considered to be more 'stable' when they are with their families), they receive education and benefits, the same as minimal wage earning Israelis.
pashute, Apr 02 2015


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