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No worries mate
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Stuck in a Grizzly Adams cabin in the torrid freezing snow and ice?.Booted up to the hilt to weather the deep snow?.Miles from anywhere in particular?

Bring inside your trusty domesticated King Penguin,warm the little fellow up in front of the open fire until he's nice and toasty warm.

When your penguin's nice and warm, slide your penguin down a slope and let the little bugger pave a path for you.

skinflaps, Jul 10 2003


       Too much snow is not a problem for me right now, I have to say. More the opposite.   

       Is this thing an honest to goodness penguin, or an iron statue of one (which seems to fit your operating instructions a little better)?
DrCurry, Jul 10 2003

       Honest to good penguin...just wam enough to melt a nice snow path.
skinflaps, Jul 10 2003

       I said whats to stop him getting up and waddling off with all your lovely jubbly heat?   

       & I think you are having a laugh, innuendoes (wal)r'us etc.   

       <do that again at your peril :)>
po, Jul 10 2003

       know the song well.   

       To answer your question these penguins are very highly trained,almost in a word heat seeking penguins.
skinflaps, Jul 10 2003

       play snow golf.
po, Jul 10 2003

       Train one to fly, and I'll buy it.
FarmerJohn, Jul 10 2003


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