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Slide Power

Plastic slide + kids = volts
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Anyone with kids and a park nearby knows that on a good day, little Suzy can generate a hairdo Don King would be proud of. The real trick is capturing the juice without frying the fry.

Perhaps a cathode in the form of a strip of metal, insulated from the slide itself, going right down the middle of the slide. Alternately, sliders could be asked to touch a panel at the bottom of the slide and given special gloves to minimize the spark. Or maybe poles are strapped to their backs and the electrical discharge goes to an overhead screen (a la bumper cars).

phoenix, Aug 04 2005


       Or magnet pants and solenoid slides.
daseva, Aug 04 2005

       Store the electricity in batteries under the swing set(s). What did you think those things were there for to begin with?
phoenix, Aug 04 2005

       Are we talking about plastic slides? Metal ones never shock me, and I avoid plastic playgrounds, which I suppose could store electrons.
moPuddin, Aug 04 2005

       /Plastic slide + kids = volts/   

       True, but there's another part of the equation missing here, namely volts x current = power.
Texticle, Aug 05 2005

       If the slide was made of alternating layers of material (conductor and dielectric) like a capacitor, it could store the electricity.
moPuddin, Aug 05 2005


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