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Slides/SVG based wiki engine

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This is a wiki engine much like wikipedia. However instead of displaying pages, it displays information as "pods of slides".

This is useful for lecture styled information, where you do not want to flood the user with too much information at one time.

A pod could be a single slide (good for quick diagrams), or it can be multiple slides. It could also contain multiple versions of slides, e.g. "summary" vs "detailed explanations" of concepts.

The wiki-links in a slide would not just allow hops between pods, but would also allow for jumping to a particular slide as well. A wikilink would first search for compatible link destination within a pod (and highlight it if needed). (e.g. a page of words and it's definitions, needed in a philosophy 'pod'). If no content local to a 'pod' is found, then it will search for other pods with same name (or has slides explicitly made global in it, much like java 'public/private' methods in classes).

Hopefully this allows for smarter organization of information in certain specific areas where it makes sense to do so, e.g. education.

mofosyne, May 16 2014


       The Larch. The Larch....gets sudden feeling of deja thoris
not_morrison_rm, May 17 2014


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