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Sliding-sole, slip-ons get you half as far with twice the effort.
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Do you walk or run for exercise but find that you end up so far from home that you’re too tired to get back? With slipshoes, you’ll only cover half the distance while getting the same workout as before.

They feature durable, elastic uppers and thin soles, each with a central, tank tread-like belt with adjustable, friction slippage. The sole only slips backwards, which means that each step becomes a half step, and you move like Jacko doing the moonwalk forwards.

So slip on a pair to slither down to the corner candy store for a well-earned 200-calorie treat after your half-hour, half-block hike.

FarmerJohn, Oct 26 2002


       What about queues?
Salesman: "No cutting in"!
Slip-shoe wearer: "I can't help it, it's my shoes..."
NickTheGreat, Oct 28 2002

       [Farmer] I consider you to be somewhat slipshod already.   


bristolz, Oct 28 2002

       "...You know the nearer the destination the more you're slip-slidin' away..."
RayfordSteele, Oct 29 2002


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