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Slow Start/Fast End - Fast Start/Slow End

make books designed to deliver variable reading paces
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Most books have the same size of paper and text all the way through. Slow Start/Fast End - Fast Start/Slow End is a new type of novel where you can choose which version of any particular book you want to read.

In the Slow Start/Fast End version, the pages are physically bigger at the start of the novel, with small type (6pt) on them. As the novel progresses the pages gradually get smaller, but the type gets larger and the leading increases, meaning that the page turning action of the reader accelerates until the last page is reached, which only has about 8 lines of 16pt type.

Fast Start/Slow End is the same novel, only the progress of the page sizes and corresponding type change is reversed, with the final page being larger and delivered in many lines of 6pt.

It just depends on the preference of the reader as to whether they favour a slow start with a fast end, or a fast start with a slow end.

xenzag, Feb 07 2019


       OK, this is actually very clever.
doctorremulac3, Feb 07 2019

       Good for a lifetime read. No need for specs but no guarantee the end will be read.
wjt, Feb 09 2019

       Might make a nifty children's book.
beanangel, Feb 11 2019

       An interesting novelty, but not much more. Books are like sharks and crocodilians, they work just fine the way they are, and have not changed much in a long time.
Knife Knut, Feb 12 2019

       You don’t really understand the halfbakery knife knob, do you?
xenzag, Feb 12 2019

       Maybe there's a way to make books even *more* like sharks and crocodilians.   

       Meanwhile, it's worth noting that there was a radical change to book technology in the Middle Ages, when someone thought of binding the pages together instead of rolling them up.   

       In the same way, an old, continuously-scrolling alligator stands no chance against one that can snap shut.
pertinax, Feb 12 2019

       //sharks and crocodilians, they work just fine the way they are// Tell that one to the shark and the giant crocodile that took up blockbuster film acting.
xenzag, Feb 12 2019

       Jaws versus Lake Placid.
xenzag, Feb 12 2019

       Jaws vs Groom Lake would be a short read.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 12 2019


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