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Fax machine with ability to add data
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I wish there was a fax machine that was able to accept data input from the originator that could then be used by the receiver in a database type application.

Example: 'Faxer' enters some data like a filename or reference number into the fax machine, prepares the document for faxing, and dials into a fax server. When the document is received, the image is stored and the data entered by the 'faxer' can be used to associated the digitized image with a certain database record or filename. If anyone has any ever heard of any technology like this, please contact me at nedzep@yahoo.com

nedzep, Sep 25 2001


       Or 'MS Fax' when sending from one computer to another...which amounts to email.
StarChaser, Sep 29 2001

       You seem to be seeking document management software. There is document management software already. The results of a web search on document management software might please you.   

       Or you may be planning to come back in a day and write "Hey guys, I found the best way to do this! Check out www.SmartFax.com!!!!!" -- in which case, curse your steaming, smooth-running marketing superbrain.
Monkfish, Dec 15 2001

       Yes, software exists that can (pre)read a fax. No, I won't tell you where to find it.
phoenix, Dec 15 2001


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