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sorting fax machine

Wish a fax machine would have shelves like copy machines.
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I wish that fax machines could sort out a message one by one like a copy machine. Each fax message would fall on one shelf. Then, the next would go on another. Alot of time is taken out for sorting the faxes to go to the different employees in the office. It is definately a time waster, when so many other things need attention in the office.


Susan L. Curtin Susan_Curtin1@msn.com

Yesme, Nov 28 2000


       [Admin: sent email to Susan explaining the difference between name and category, and moved ideas to non-category names.]
jutta, Nov 28 2000

       I love this idea! It would save admins an enormous amount of time (assuming they tend the fax machine); when there isn't an admin assigned to such a tedious task as sorting faxes, they usually pile up and remain undelivered for days... I give this one my "for" vote!
danrue, Nov 28 2000

       I think this could happen now. Here is how it would work. 1: Fax output is to a pdf maker. 2: Raw pdf is kept. Character recognition is used to make recognized copy. Recognized copy is compared with other recognized copies for content, header, other identifiers. 3: Raw pdf and recognized copy (for reference) is saved in folder.   

       Benefits: 1: Paperless. Spotted owls go on to procreate lasciviously! Kids, plug your ears.   

       2: Easier to find copies: sorting benefit as laid out in this original idea.   

       3: No bulky duplicates. Some people fax things over and over in a bid for attention.
bungston, Jul 19 2010

       Email and cheap document scanners have probably sounded the death-knell of the traditional fax machine, just as fax pushed out Telex.
8th of 7, Jul 19 2010

       I thought this said "Snorting Fax Machine" and was already to bun it without even reading it.
doctorremulac3, Jul 20 2010


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