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Smart Weapons Locker

A smart locker for dumb weapons...
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This idea is probably baked somewhere by a security system company, but I'll post anyways. It's a weapons locker that calls your cellphone and / or local security whenever some is fiddling with the lock, be it a combo lock or whatever. Perhaps an accelerometer would be a nice addition as well to judge if it is moving.
RayfordSteele, Dec 21 2012

I have this in my car... http://lojack.com/Home
...calls your cell, home, work, emails you, etc [normzone, Dec 21 2012]


       How about: "You have the right to bear arms, but only carry one bullet"?
xenzag, Dec 21 2012

       Target practice aside, one is all some of us really need. I never shoot at something unless I know I'm going to kill it. Only once while hunting have I ever needed a second shot.   

       Were I inclined to hunt humans, which currently I am not, the same standard would apply.
Alterother, Dec 21 2012

       So, LoJack for gun safes.
normzone, Dec 21 2012

       Entirely agreed.   

       I have four gun lockers in my home. Three are concealed in strategic locations and secured with biometric locks (keyed backup). Each of them contain a single loaded weapon (two .45s and a 12ga.). The fourth is is a key/combination safe containing several unloaded firearms (most of which are not weapons), with a separately-keyed internal cabinet for ammo. The three home defense lockers are built into the wall, and the safe is free-standing but weighs more than two men and a boy can shift. Even though I built all of them myself and know how difficult it would be to get into one, it would still be cool to know if somebody was frigging around with it, especially if there were a child in my house; just because the guns are locked up doesn't mean there's not a good opportunity for firearm-safety education. So, [+].
Alterother, Dec 21 2012


       "Bruce Willis movies have apparently affected some people's perception of reality"   

       [Alterother], you'd make a good neighbor.
normzone, Dec 21 2012

       [normzone] - As a LoJack Installer, I know that LoJack even has their proprietary system with a proximity RFID system. If your vehicle is moving while not near the RFID medalion, then LoJack calls you and makes you aware of your vehicle's goings on - this would be easy to implement, I would think with existing tech. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Dec 26 2012

       Thanks, [Letsbuildafort]. My wife has requested that I acquire a gun safe, and I agree with her. Maybe I'll solicit designs from [Alterother].
normzone, Dec 26 2012

       Agreed! Looks like he's got a lot on the ball when it comes to the securing of the arsenal. Big ups, BTW on the vaulting [Alterother].
Letsbuildafort, Dec 26 2012

       //[My compound would be the envy of David Koresh, even though I live out in bumblef**k nowhere, where the odds of ever being the victim of a home invasion are infinitely less likely than those of being gored by a horny moose while on the way to a costume ball.]// —Alterother
ytk, Dec 26 2012

       I've been known to exaggerate. I don't actually have a compound, just the one building. Where did I post that, btw?   

       [norm], I don't have any neighbors. Not anymore.
Alterother, Dec 26 2012

       I was paraphrasing your annotation in this thread, hence the [].
ytk, Dec 27 2012

       gored + moose gets about four and a quarter million hits, although adding horny knocks it down to seven hundred thousand.
normzone, Dec 27 2012

       //neighbours// I was just reading where a NY newspaper is getting flack for publishing names+addresses of handgun-permit holders: I wonder if their next-door neighbours' property values went officially up or down slightly.   

       [ ] Why just limit the Idea to gun safes ? wall safes, storage sheds, garages ...
FlyingToaster, Dec 27 2012

       I was wondering, since it sounded very much like something I would have said except that I would never compare myself to David Koresh. I thought perhaps I'd had too many tomatoes one night and broken one of my rules.
Alterother, Dec 27 2012


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