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Smeared Online Identity

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You provide your Facebook (or other social network) login details and set the level of "smearing". With zero smearing, your Facebook status updates are unadulterated and you can fill the world in on your poo-doing exploits as before. With maximum smeraring, your own status updates are assigned and posted to the Facebook pages of other users of the smearing service, and to your Facebook account are assigned and posted other peoples' updates, thus mitigating the effects of the online identity segregation. With the smearing set to Grand Old Duke of York, the effect is to beweird.
calum, Feb 21 2012

This is an idea whose time has come https://www.washing...your-facebook-page/
[calum, Jun 10 2016]

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       So you're in effect reducing the risk of putting large volumes of your personal data on the web for enyone to see and steal by diluting it with the personal data of others? Thus, no one would be able to point the finger at you and say that it was you, [calum], who boasted (using appaling spelling and grammar) of their sordid weekend with a pair of Ukranian exchange students - in this (hypothetical) example there is no way of knowing whether it was you or one of your (no doubt numerous) online friends.
hippo, Feb 21 2012

       That is one effect, yes, indeed, the mere existence of this service would provide potentially sufficient excuses if my wife were to peer over my shoulder while I was carelessly Facebooking. The less she knows about Wolodymyr and Fedir the better.   

       The other effect, is that, being that the service would likely be used by the same paranoid types as might use Track Me Not, there would emerge a single, smeared identity for paranoid Facebook addicts, which would either (a) make advertising to this group difficult/impossible, thereby causing such advertising to cease or (b) make life easier for demographic marketing to this group ("Single cup kettles, buy one get 20m of bacofoil for 50p").
calum, Feb 21 2012

       The image is now of humans segregated by these computational holding cells while completely external to them, are completely inside of smearing their feces on purely conceptual walls of data stored in possibly H shaped blocks of memory desperately trying to hold on to some sort of identity while decontextualized blurbs of half-remembered stories and songs connect them together through the walls. The grand old duke of york can be heard, and someone asks if anyone has seen a green rose. It's'all meaningless and futile, however, as decades of television has replaced real history, and trained these segregated to become passive observers who are obsessively fascinated with the poo doing minutae of sketches and sitcoms that are the very models of their institutionalized lives.
rcarty, Feb 21 2012

       When I saw the title I thought of a smear campaign, designed to give someone a bad rep, and I wondered who would want that? You can get that for free.   

       And calum, how much will you pay me to not tell your wife about Wolodymyr and Fedir? :-D
Psalm_97, Feb 21 2012

       And by the way, here's a bun. No telling where it's been though, I got it from a random site.
Psalm_97, Feb 21 2012

       There are some people I'd happily smear on Facebook.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 10 2016


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