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For people who want a special username
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It could also check availability and web presence.

Its like those books with names for kids, that parents read when giving their newlyborn children a name. Except its for online presence. And people could propose names and explain them. And remark on them.

Here are some examples, the last ones are good for halfbakery: (see links too)


sumXapples, writtenonmy,

mad-bood, la_flast

_cover, u2bor^, (youtubeOrnot), ornjews, thebox, 2nacan, sayes, guessy, uplow, waiter, notno, ur1somi, longnamesmakenosence, someday2000, secondhandsmokingisfatal , random31415, catscan,

allowwhowalkbar, allowhowawkward, laelahaelaala, donotproneaunxault, nischztgesprachenuberdoitch

justme2, neversaynever, pennymore, drunkendiver, donax, qwithoutu, mistale, wrongname, ucancountonme13, 1sec, procrastn, ucancallme, whatsleft, idrops, uppercase, moneywife, EsRiteUno. dontMix

osaknuc, 42neqkey, (4tunecookie), squzemi, ogknilpu, icubzndtv,

2talktalk, oyvey5_0, ulationcontrol, iosilver, theallnighty, bedbugzilla

usirnameplease, password, swordpas,

sealynx, seal_ink, fleececeilings

niceppool, amerrycan, yesivan, myothercaris, stellpest, juiceb4yuswallow, butstillb4u, no1hurt, nowreally, andthanks, 4thefish,

tookuradvice, enjoythenap, gainathanks, qDOS

chewb4uthink, yourwell

yourInvited2 !! pleasejoy_n !!

tycoonconcerns, richtyphoon, rcalmax, heartqueen, lostpassword, justinEbody

ybake, ibmf, halfdanish, croisdaughter, halfapple, croissandmad, halflist, bunbone, halfcakenetit, halffun, bakedgun, bakedbun, topbone, halfman, truehalf, ebaker, croiscut, halfheart, croisswont, bonedont, pleasedoghnut, fishcake, pshychobaker, halfologist

ericFonDelmark, dellmark4, markedfordelusion, marcusdelicious, marcusliszt,

the name is 4deletion - Marc Ed 4deletion

pashute, Jul 01 2013

no1hurt http://www.youtube....watch?v=43fRXBIUwuA
Movie by my 10th grade student: They said "no one was hurt" (Hebrew but mostly mime, translation in the remarks) [pashute, Jul 03 2013]

vanity plates https://www.google.....17.img.xxmd-MP4RMA
[xandram, Jul 03 2013]


       markford, nyfun (rereading this post, I have no idea what I meant by that)
pashute, Jul 02 2013

       yourInvited2 !! pleasejoy_n !!   

pashute, Jul 03 2013

       These are just like vanity plates on people's cars.
xandram, Jul 03 2013

lurch, Jul 03 2013

       He who half's lists, lasts laughter
pashute, Jul 08 2013

       Looks like some-one crossed a (pseudo)random number generator with a dictionary.
If you can't come up with a unique, clever username by yourself, you don't deserve one, and should be stuck with <name><sequentialnumber> boringness.
Although the "availability and web prescence checking" feature would be useful (but Google will do that for you pretty well anyway).
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 10 2013

       pseudoRandom that's a good one. namesequentialnumber too. thanks
pashute, Jul 22 2013


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