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A Smell-o-scope to smell astronomical phenomena
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Smells can't travel through space, your crazy, this would never work! HA! Ok, here's the idea, a smell-o-scope analyzed the spectral lines from a radio or optical telescope, determining the distribution and intensity of the elements observed by the telescope, it then releases smells assigned to chemicals observed in the data according to their distribution and intensity allowing the observer to "smell" the results of the data from the observations. "My, Jupiter is smelling grappie today." By the way I did see this on Futurama (where else?) but I wondered HOW this would work, and I think this might do it.
Hirudinea, Jun 09 2009

Futurama episode "smelloscope" http://www.comedyce...6&title=smelloscope
[jutta, Jun 09 2009]

Very first hit http://futurama.wik.../wiki/Smell-O-Scope
spelling of Smell-O-Scope is identical too. [jaksplat, Jun 10 2009]

Smelt http://img.alibaba....Whole_Smelt_IQF.jpg
[normzone, Jun 10 2009]


       Wasn't that cool, that thing I saw on Futurama? Wouldn't it be neat if it were real?"
jaksplat, Jun 10 2009

       Hey, just because *you* saw it on futurama (and I did, too) doesn't mean that the author did...
jutta, Jun 10 2009

       It's good to see that people have a nose for prior art ...
Aristotle, Jun 10 2009

       Given that common gases in the Universe are methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, I don't want to be there at First Light.
coprocephalous, Jun 10 2009

       I'm sorry, but I assumed that everone had at least heard of Google.
jaksplat, Jun 10 2009

       I have smelt google.
normzone, Jun 10 2009


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