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Smellproof and/or Soundproof Public Restrooms

For those of us who share a communal restroom with many co-workers!
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The basic premise behind this idea is that I am tired of listening and smelling to the foul noises and excretions of my co-workers. In my previous job we had a small restroom. One urinal, one stall. Everybody was in and out. At my new job the restroom had 3 urinals, 3 stalls and 3 sinks. I am finding out more about my co-workers fecal habits then I thought I'd ever know in my life. C'mon NASA! You can do it!
dgeiser13, Aug 24 2000

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       Other peoples fecal eliminations always smell worse than your own. There are times when I wish I had a personal spray air freshener, even for myself, for sbd's in the library. An ordinary sulpher match works wonders, but sadly, this information is of no use in a library.
Scott_D, Aug 24 2000

       Any question that begins 'why don't they' is almost always answered by 'money'. Stalls with high-power air exchangers that would whip out the funk could easily be built, but they'd cost a lot more money.
StarChaser, Aug 24 2000

       In France, the public bathrooms don't have stalls... everything is its own private little room with floor to ceiling walls, and regular doors. It's bliss.   

       Of course, some of the toilets are little more than holes in the floor that you stand over and pee into. Which is pretty difficult (and disgusting) for us girls.
nam4anad, Aug 27 2004


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