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Smoke Detecting Nose

Smoke detection needs a nose
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What color are smoke dectectors? Correct. What shape are smoke detectors? Correct.

Round and White has ruled for too long!

It's time to liven it up a little. I want to buy a smoke detector that looks like a nose and put on my wall/ceiling. When you check the battery it either says, "I'm clear" or else (in a stuffed up voice), "I'm stuffy." I'd like to be friends with this important household item.

Senor_Cluba, Mar 14 2001


       I can think of some body parts we could substitute for thermometers, too.
centauri, Mar 14 2001

       What colour is a PeterSealy's nose? Mine's kinda beige. Perhaps he has a bright blue iNose.
sirrobin, Mar 15 2001, last modified Mar 31 2001

       wot no bright yellow canary shaped?
technobadger, Mar 15 2001

       <off topic> I remember reading a book, when I was a kid, which mentioned a canary. I was thoroughly confused for a long time because I thought that they were talking about a place where cans were made.
DrBob, Mar 15 2001

       I'll take one in Toucan Sam style. Maybe it'll even follow its nose to the source of the smoke.
Wes, Mar 15 2001

       Well, señor, the recently introduced Lav-x® refillable toilet bowl deodorizer uses a special green apple scented gel. If we were to offer that shaped like a nose?
reensure, Mar 16 2001

       Little Joan of Arc statues that scream and pray when they detect smoke.
sirrobin, Mar 16 2001

       Isn't smoke used to pacify bees? If you filled your house full of angry bees, instead of a conventional smoke detector, then when they stopped stinging you, you'd know that your house is on fire.
DrBob, Mar 16 2001


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