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Snow Leopard Crossings

Alternative animal patterns, pedestrian crossings
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In the UK, pedestrians cross roads on zebras. Not real zebras, (though that's an idea in itself) but Zebra Crossings, so named after their black and white broad parallel stripes.

Snow Leopard Crossings is the generic name for the idea of re-colouring many of these pedestrian ways by using other animal fur patterns. The shape of the crossings would also mirror the general outline of the animal, as if it had been made into an elongated rug, with: outstretched legs; a head at one side of the road; and a tail at the other.

These would function in exactly the same manner, only they would also serve to raise the consciousness of those walking and driving across the backs of some of the world's most endangered animals.

(ps I'd also really like them to be bright and furry, like carpets)

xenzag, Oct 20 2007

Zebra Crossing http://en.wikipedia...rossing_2004-01.jpg
this one once had beatles crossing on it [xenzag, Oct 20 2007]

Real Zebra Pattern Crossing http://hiddenchemis...ebra%20Crossing.jpg
[xenzag, Oct 20 2007]

Snow Leopard Crossing http://www.chadhasc.../snow%20leopard.JPG
just add pavements, road, pedestrians, and stopped cars [xenzag, Oct 20 2007]

Memorial for pedestrian accident victims http://www.youtube....watch?v=CObdVHW9j48
Turning their names into the white of a zebra crossing. [jutta, Oct 20 2007]


       Well, one of the reasons zebra crossings work is that motorists are accustomed to stopping for one particular pattern on the road. If they had to remember to stop for a range of different patterns, they might not stop in time.
pertinax, Oct 20 2007

       I think the presence of the Belisha Beacons, other road markings and warnings, along with the supplanting of existing locations would take care of that. Motorists would become more aware of the crossings, not less, because of their iconic significance and publicity.
xenzag, Oct 20 2007

       //If they had to remember to stop for a range of different patterns, they might not stop in time// It's probably just best to remember to stop when there are people in front of the car then.
fridge duck, Oct 20 2007

       Call up Banksy. I remember he did rogue zebra crossings at some point.
rascalraidex, Oct 20 2007

       whoops.. fixed.
rascalraidex, Oct 20 2007


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