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Snowman Snow Globe

Real snowman inside a snow globe.
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After seeing a little picture holder with a snowman statue (pretending it was jumping off the shelf knowing it soon wouldn't be needed), I thought about having a real miniature snowman inside a little frozen globe. Completely impractical, yet intriguing, because you'd always want to shake it! Reminds me of when we were kids and put snowballs in the freezer to use during the summer.
ideahound, Dec 10 2004

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       would all his bits fly off when you shook it?
po, Dec 10 2004

       Stop thinking about (snow)men's bits
Belfry, Dec 10 2004

       hah, I meant the bits of snow that he was comprised of, mainly.   

       Snowman 1 to Snowman 2 - "can you smell carrots?"
po, Dec 10 2004

       Ha! This could be a stress relief toy where you shake the snowman apart...and then calmly build another one...only to shake him apart again...
ideahound, Dec 11 2004


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