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Snowing Earth Globe

Some self promotion for a bryce image
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I was working in Bryce5, a rather nice program. I was doing some stuff, and I started making a glass ball on a stand. Eventually I put a planet inside, which lead to this idea.

A small realistic globe-Earth placed inside a glass sphere with snowflake stuff inside. A few glass supports keep the globe in the center, and the globe has a weak magnet inside.

The snowflake stuff is magnetic, and after you shake it, the glitter swirls around, and eventually comes to rest at the north and south pole.

I got the idea from my pic I made [linkie] and imagine it would look like it, with snowstuff, and a more continentally correct Earth.

DesertFox, Dec 19 2005

Here http://www.bryce5.c...s.php?image_id=1700
is the link [DesertFox, Dec 20 2005]


       Nice image, [DF]. Got a copy of Bryce somewhere, but never got round to plugging it in.
moomintroll, Dec 19 2005

       You should. Bryce is fun!
DesertFox, Dec 20 2005


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