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So You Think You Can Choreograph?

"Okay people, once more, from the top .... 5-6-7-8!"
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The logical next step after "So You Think You Can Dance?"

At the start of the week, each contestant gets handed a random piece of music (maybe Sex Pistols, maybe Rachmaninoff, maybe Raffi, maybe Mongolian throat-singing) and a group of 4-6 dancers - some of whom may have, um, shall we say, challenging personalities (and some of whom may not even be real dancers) - and by Friday night they have to have an ensemble number ready to hit the stage. Costumes, lights, the whole bit. Hilarity and scenery-chewing drama ensue.

smendler, Jun 22 2016

Touche So_20You_20Think_20You_20Can_20Fence
[theircompetitor, Jun 22 2016]


       For some reason "So you think you can perform open-heart surgery?" ran into difficulties with the legal dept.
hippo, Jun 22 2016

       Just want it be known that so you think you can tense is mine. Not sure yet if it's a body building competition, a raise your blood pressure challenge, or an essay contest
theircompetitor, Jun 22 2016

       Why is there no "So you think you can think?"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 22 2016

       >>So You Think You Can Think   

       Game show for philosophers!
smendler, Jun 24 2016

       So You Think You Can Fly?
xenzag, Jun 25 2016

       [MaxwellBuchanan] and [smendler], that is so funny I laughed my lemon water out. Love it. I'd also watch it.
blissmiss, Jun 25 2016


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