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So you're losing memory?

A watch to find back what you loose
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I had this dream some years ago...

I'm always loosing small stuff : keys, mobile phone, ... The only thing I'm not loosing is my watch since I have it always on my harm.

So my idea is to have some special radiocontrolled stickers, to stick on everything you do not want to loose. For instance, a sticker on my mobile phone, sticker in my wallet, sticker on my key rings, sticker on my girlfriend...

Then I'll have a watch that can vibrate (or ring) and that will work in two modes : If I loose for instance my keys, I'll press a button on the watch, and I'll go around my appartment. The watch sends a radio signal every 2 seconds to the key's sticker and ask it to reply. When I'm less than 2 meters from the keys, the "keys" replies, and the watch vibrates ! Then I'll dig into the mess to find them !

Another mode, more proactive : on certain objects, I'll choose the proactive mode. Let say, I put my wallet into proactive mode. Then, every 2 seconds the watch queries the wallet, if the wallet do not reply, the watch vibrate (or ring) ! What's the use of that mode ? Errr if you want to know when someone is stealing your wallet, or put an alarm on your keys no to forget them when you go out of your appartment... (imagine your keys on your desk, you're almost leaving the appartment, the watch vibrates...)

You could imagine other uses : put a watch on your young kid, and sticker on the hoven, swiming pool... As soon as your kid is less than 2 meters from a sticker, the watch rings !!!

What do you think?

(sorry for my poor english...)

Cadey, May 21 2004

Keyringer, never lose stuff again http://www.keyringer.com/
[dentworth, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       //..I have it always on my harm.//   

       And that doesn't bother you? Better check the hoven, I smell something burning.
Letsbuildafort, May 21 2004

       Excellent choice of category.
angel, May 21 2004

       <I'm always loosing small stuff>   

       Do you carry a screwdriver for that purpose? Why do you want small things to be loose?
mrthingy, May 21 2004

       If it was an analogue watch, you could use one of the hands as a sort of compass pointer, which would be pretty cool.
RobertKidney, May 21 2004

       I think the battery on your watch would run out pretty fast on pro-active mode.

What about a radioactive tag? I guess you'd have to be looking at gamma radiation (since it's got a better range and is less ionising, but consequently more difficult to detect). Your Geiger-counter watch would let you know when you were getting "warmer". There could be health consequences long term, though...
Thod, May 21 2004

       I took my watch off my arm when I went to bed last night, and now I can't remember where I put it.
Freefall, May 21 2004

       Man, what a way to say hi to a newbie.   

       Welcome to the h a l f b a k e r y, Cadey. Try to enjoy your stay.   

       I've never thought about a proximity vibrating alarm, that's pretty different.
ghillie, May 21 2004

       Cadey's English is certainly better than my [insert Cadey's native language here]...(unless English is Cadey's native language).
Gromit, May 21 2004

       Actually I like [Cadey]'s idea of the finder being on the watch instead of on a keyring, see link
dentworth, May 21 2004

       Cool idea. I could really use this. +
spacemoggy, May 22 2004

       I'm french...
Cadey, May 22 2004

DesertFox, May 22 2004

angel, May 23 2004

       oe especially if you are prone to locking yourself out of your car...
PollyNo9, May 23 2004


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