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Soap Scrubber

Clean soap bar after a shower
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This is a bit nasty, but.

The product is a rubber tube, wider at one end and narrowing toward the other, both ends open. The inside of the tube/sleeve is covered with randomly spaced nubs with pointy tips on them.

The idea is that after you have used your bar of soap (and it's got lots of little body hairs clinging to it), you pop it in one end of the scrubber and squeeze it through. In addition to catching & removing the hairs, the nubs leave shallow grooves in your bar of soap, which could have the added effect of improving the "latherability" of the bar of soap on next use.

When done, simply reverse the scrubber thingy and rinse to remove the foreign objects.

This product is best suited to a multi-user bath environment with people squeamish about other people's hairs.

That said, this product would likely be more attractive to the soap manufacturers, since it could marginally increase the price of each package of bars (Free Soap Scrubber included!), and with each use it would slightly diminish the amount of soap remaning, thereby forcing the consumer to buy soap more often.

phughes, Jul 16 2003


       I'm sure we discussed this before (a case of siblings fighting over the soap), but how can soap *possibly* get dirty?   

       (It can get sand in it, I'll grant you, but that'll be very clean sand.)
DrCurry, Jul 16 2003

       But other peoples pubes....erk. Has to get a croissant, although you could always just use shower gel.
squeak, Jul 16 2003

       ...or get everybody their own bar of soap. It will all work out in the end.
phoenix, Jul 16 2003

       There are only two things in this life that really gross me out, and someone else's hair stuck in the soap is one of them. Croissant for addressing the issue, but I'd rather see a hair-resistant soap bar.
lintkeeper2, Jul 16 2003

       Why do we each have our own toothbrush, but everyone in a house is expected to share the same bar of soap?
AO, Jul 16 2003


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