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Soccer Basketball

A new sport
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This is a game that i invented and I have been playing with my friends for some time. Basically, teams try to juggle a soccer ball (for those of you who dont know soccer too well, juggling is like what you do with a hackey sack) and knock the ball into the basket using any body part except your hands. At my house our basketball hoop is above our garage door, so if you miss the ball bounces back to you. The game is played with a soccer ball usually up to 5 points. This might not sound like the greatest game, but if you're good at soccer it can be really fun. We call it Glockenspiel or Glocky for short (for no particular reason other than the fact that it sounds very German...although I am well aware that the Glockenspiel is actually a musical instrument). I'm sure that other people may have tried this idea with their friends, but I haven't been able to find any formal undertaking of the sport.
defacto, Nov 14 2002

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       I thought the Glockenspiel was a Danish instrument?   

       And isn't this just the school-boy game of 'headers and volleys'?
tyskland, Nov 14 2002

       //I thought the Glockenspiel was a Danish instrument?// funny you should ask and that "tyskland" means Germany in Skandinavian languages.
FarmerJohn, Nov 14 2002

       Didn't the Incans (or was it the Mayans?) play a game like this? No hoop, just a ring; games went on for days because the losers were killed or some such.
phoenix, Nov 14 2002

       ...and their heads were used as the game ball, or so I understand from visiting some ruins in Mexico.
snarfyguy, Nov 14 2002

       FarmerJohn: Indeed it does, and it fits me so well, since i was brought up in Germany, and now i live in Norge.
tyskland, Nov 15 2002

       Interesting idea. Soccer Basketball and Glockenspiel are both *terrible* names, though. I'll still give you the croissant.
disbomber, Apr 03 2005

       See anno in "foothoops."
AfroAssault, Apr 03 2005


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