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Rubik's Football

Every kick spins another colour formation!
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The 'ball' is a curious object indeed. It is brightly coloured and is to be kicked about in your lounge room or prison cell with similarly curious friends or inmates. Mostly Nerf-like and shaped like a football-sized Rubik's cube it is squishy and soft.

Firm universal joints within, allow a single kick to twist the cubes into new positions as it bounces about the floor and walls - with a unique 'clicking' sound.

A referee may follow the action, but is not neccessary as the game arrives at a result when each side of the Rubik's Football has achieved either a single face or all faces in their corresponding colours. At this point a small bell or ornate flute should be sounded so that players may calm down and understand the game has finished.

The winner is the last player to kick the ball before the face or faces have moved into the face positions.

Whilst there can be no actual skill or technique to move the pieces into position via a kicking action, a fun frenzy will certainly ensue for the entire family/ward etc.

benfrost, Jan 23 2007


       Certainly not as enjoyable as 'Is it Really a Fish?' but interesting nonetheless.
craigts, Jan 23 2007

       ... or a few others...
po, Jan 23 2007

       you shan't be any good at this game then.
benfrost, Jan 24 2007

       //or prison cell//   

       You trying to tell us something, [benfrost]?   

       Long Bay, Goulburn, or Silverwater?   

       Although, reading back through your ideas, I'm not entirely surprised.
m_Al_com, Jan 24 2007

       i thought everyone on this site was in some kind of institution.
benfrost, Jan 27 2007


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