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Software Nutrition Labels

Get your daily dose of crappy flash animations
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Bits fly across fat broadband pipes like big-rigs down I-95, but we have no standard way of deciding which we allow to stop at our own personal truckstops (forgive the tired metaphor). Software Nutrition Labels provide information about the type of digital information we consume, letting us manage and track our digital diets. Glancing at the CNN headlines each morning gives you 120% of your daily dose of media hype. For your essential 3.14 servings of geek news, look to slashdot.org around noontime.

These aren't MPAA ratings for video games, but rather a guide for looking at what type of software and information we view and interact with. The labels would show also information such as size in MB, average interaction time, uselessness, offensiveness, spyware rating, bloatware rating, etc.

And don't forget to hit the halfbakery every evening... to get the same amount of web nonsense in just one visit here, you'd have to have 5 servings of memepool every day!

rahulb, Apr 13 2003

Cinema Nutrition http://www.cinema-nutrition.com
The movie version of the thing that's normally for food that you want for software. [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004]




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