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Solar-powered headlamps

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Solar-powered headlamps. Solar powered headlamps collect that lovely solar energy during the day and releaase it at night. Cheap to buy and easy to use!
isknabar, May 27 2001


       Kind of baked, as you can get a solar panel thing to plug into your lighter socket to charge up the whole car battery.
-alx, May 27 2001

       What [UnaB] said; and anyway, why? The alternator is producing power all the time the engine's running, so why not just use it?
angel, May 29 2001

       Well, it would save some miniscule amount of fuel, yes? (sidenote: I have left my headlights on for over 8 hours and still been able to start the car [albeit with some slow cranking]).
bristolz, May 29 2001

       [bristolz]: There would be no fuel saving at all. Alternators are rated to produce more power than required, and the output is 'governed' by the control circuitry, so there is usually spare capacity. There would, theoretically, be a minuscule reduction in driving effort if the alternator were run at a slightly slower speed, but this is negligible anyway because the moving parts of an alternator are not in contact with each other.
angel, May 30 2001

       [UnaB]: Yeah, and I bet Tesla thought so too.
angel, May 30 2001


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