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Create a Solar Tower as an inflatable structure rather than concrete/steel
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Behold the large solartower as envisioned to be build in Australia (see link):

Now I wonder if they could improve upon their design/costs by using a balloon like structure with neutral buyoncy (or regulated buyoncy) to replace the massive amounts of concrete and steel ???

Perhaps the inflated solar tower could also have operable cap/valve on top, so that if one closes the valve the whole tower transforms into the worlds largest hot-air balloon, capable of moving the whole structure including turbines to other locations, or hoisting some other heavy duty transport...

jvanguts, Dec 14 2005

Solar Tower Animation http://www.enviromi...ject/technology.htm
Animation of Heatflow [jvanguts, Dec 14 2005]

The same principal applied to an "airship" http://www.hawkin.c...STK_PROD_CODE=07246
[fridge duck, Dec 14 2005]


       Welcome to the HB!   

       This is an intriguing idea. I can't see anything in the physics which would prevent it working apart (although I'm sure someone will correct me). Basically, what you'd end up with would be like a collapsed circus tent, held up by blimps or hot air balloons (not so sure about the latter). Given the insane giganticism of the original, this seems about as practical as anything else.   

       It also raises the intriguing idea of a household size unit, tied to a helium balloon, which you can hoist on calm days...   

       I also notice that the license for this Australian, er, 'venture' expires if they're not generating at least 10MW by the end of next year.
moomintroll, Dec 14 2005


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