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Solar Cordless Telephone

It Works With Calculators, Doesn't It?
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The Solar Cordless Telephone: Isn't it frustrating when the battery on your cordless phone goes dead? Doesn't it always happen at the worst of times? And who would dare suggest that a phoneless base unit is little other than an aesthetic eyesore on a par with an eggless bird's nest? Isn't it time for a solar-powered cordless phone? I mean, how much electricity can a phone use, anyway? There's plenty of surface space available for the little solar collectors.

This is so much better than the immensely popular "set it and forget it" rotisserie ovens. This is "set it DOWN and forget it !!" The next time you get a call, it will ring and you will find it.

wesweswes, May 27 2002


       Hey there! Half-baked? Don't think so...my company have sold tons of solar mobile equipment over the past year. How much does it cost? Er...about 20 bucks per phone to make them solar-enabled. Sound interesting? Please have a look at my description for more info, and I'll send you some photos. Woohoo!
gizmo_man, May 27 2002

       Sorry [gizmo man], this site isn't for advertising.
phoenix, May 27 2002

       Apologies, Phoenix... still, they're pretty cool though. Anyway, I have to get back to those helicopter ejector-seat plans...
gizmo_man, May 29 2002

       culture: museum ?
angel, May 29 2002


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