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Solar Floating forests

Floating a forest on the sea
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A variation to the hydroponic sachet idea.. Having a plant independently packaged in a floating container which can interlink with others to create a large raft. The water could be obtained from the sea using solar power (see link below) and if a storm is brewing they could be floated off to another location.
crazymonk, Jun 01 2007

Converting salt water with solar power http://www.eco-web....ditorial/02090.html
[crazymonk, Jun 01 2007]

Hydroponic sachet Mass_20produced_20hydroponic_20sachets
[crazymonk, Jun 02 2007]

wave power http://www.fnc.co.uk/news_pelamis.shtml
[crazymonk, Jun 04 2007]


       Hey, this could grow big and there sure is a lot of space on the oceans. I love it!+
zeno, Jun 02 2007

       So long as keeping light out of the oceans is still a good idea.
Giblet, Jun 02 2007

       I know security would be a concern, but these would be great places to spearfish under.
normzone, Jun 02 2007

       We could create a wide range of biodiversity by planting different species in certain parts. For example, in the middle where fresh water would be more rare we could plant saguaro cacti, then put some Sequoias along the western edge. Then we could name it The Great Sequoia Saguaro Sargasso Seafarm.
Canuck, Jun 03 2007

       If you planted mangroves, you wouldn't need to desalinate the water.   

       I've considered this before, then thought of semi-floating coral reefs, then thought of floating algae trays. I now think that trees in the desert, watered by solar powered condensers would be best.
marklar, Jun 04 2007

       I was also looking at the new machines used to generate power from the waves, maybe tidal would work better then just plain solar power.
crazymonk, Jun 04 2007

       Cool. It may help cool the oceans somewhat. That wouldn't be a bad thing.
elhigh, Jun 05 2007

       //Cress. Lots of it.//   

       Whitening or anti-cavity? Gel or paste?
Noexit, Jun 07 2007

       In the same vein as the 'oceanic gardens' idea... I'm more looking for a very modular compact design so that expansion won't be a headache. I do like cress as well :)
crazymonk, Jun 07 2007

       I don't understand why to do it. Growing trees with water and nutrients won't be buoyant enough nor self-sufficient. The cost of the infrastructure (boat?) should be offset by the benefit of the structure-thing.   

       Wouldn't algae provide a lot of the benefits mentioned regarding cooling or keeping light out of the oceans.
rgandhi, Jun 08 2007


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