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Solar Panel Columbarium Memorial Park

Loved ones generate power to light our world after passing.
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Looked it up, cremains could be used in the manufacture of solar panels, most likely in the reflective structure at the base.

The solar farm would be a cemetery, the panels forming a columbarium that generates electricity. Loved ones would walk to the particular solar panel where the departed was interred that would feature a name plaque. They'd have a map of the exact location on the panel as well.

Something kind of comforting knowing that even in passing, our loved ones are still bringing us light, warmth, communication and helping our wellbeing.

doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2024


       Sounds better than being left on the ice.
minoradjustments, Apr 12 2024

       I prefer to remain intact, for future zombiefication. That's another problem with zombies -- so unwilling to be helpful.
4and20, Apr 13 2024

       Poetic, original, and interesting. I wish I had a whole bun to give.
Voice, Apr 13 2024

       Thank you Voice.   

       I wanted to add that since some parts of solar panels do have a limited life span, this element would be permanent but it's doing the simplest job, reflecting sunlight. The upper layers could be replaced as necessary.
doctorremulac3, Apr 13 2024


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