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Solar Panels Windmill

Windmill blades covered with solar cells
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For a little extra power generation. The fact that the blades are turning shouldn't make a difference, so long as light can reach the solar cells (light travels lots faster than windmill blades).
Vernon, May 13 2016

Lots of space available https://www.youtube...watch?v=8oCjj8iDB9I
Windmill blades have lots of surface area that could be covered with solar cells. [Vernon, May 13 2016]

Proof of compatibility http://www.solarimpulse.com/
Solar cells are compatible with MOVING airfoils. [Vernon, May 13 2016]

.303 Bookworm http://wiki.lspace....awiki/.303_Bookworm
Very dangerous... [8th of 7, May 13 2016]

Solar cell wind turbine http://inhabitat.co...wered-wind-turbine/
[whatrock, May 13 2016]


       // shouldn't make a difference //   

       Wrong. The incident photons will experience frequency shift due to the Doppler effect.   

       This will be quite small, however.
8th of 7, May 13 2016

       [8th of 7], I just knew some pedant would just have to mention that. Solar cells are not so wavelength-sensitive that the Doppler shift matters, and therefore what I wrote remains true, not wrong. In other words, the "quite small" effect you mentioned doesn't make a difference.
Vernon, May 13 2016

       Being pedantic is essential to this place..... I'm very concerned about that Doppler shift effect on the moving solar panels as pointed out by [8th of 7]. This needs a detailed examination to determine the viability of the idea, and I call upon Max to carry out the required tests and report back.
xenzag, May 13 2016

       //I call upon Max to carry out the required tests and report back//   

       I'm on it.   

       <5min later> OK, here's what I found. For windmills located at the North or South poles, the Doppler shift may be significant at wind speeds in excess of 2.5 x 10^3 m/s and blade-tip speeds in excess of 8.888 x 10^4m/s. On the other hand, it may not.   

       For windmills not located at the poles, the rotational speed of the Earth produces an effect greater than that experienced during all but the most alarming storms. As a result, it turns out that solar panels of _any_ type cannot possibly work, except at the poles. This will come as a heavy blow to countries that have erected solar panels over most of their prime agricultural land.   

       <10min later> That's odd. I just found a decimal point lying on the floor next to my chair. Not sure where it came from but it must have worked loose from one of my numbers.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 13 2016

       ^ It's better to find a decimal place lying on the floor next to your chair rather than a colon I suppose.
AusCan531, May 13 2016

       If you watch long enough, the head of a woodworm may emerge.
pertinax, May 13 2016

       //.....lying on the floor next to your chair rather than a colon.// Which is better again than a semi-colon.
xenzag, May 13 2016

       // a woodworm may emerge //   

       You'll just have to hope it IS just a woodworm, not a .303 Bookworm ...   

8th of 7, May 13 2016

       This idea is out there (link) but might not yet be WKTE. A blade feathering system could angle the blades for maximum exposure during low or windless days.
whatrock, May 13 2016

       //.303 Bookworm// As lead - minute traces of which are transferred to a page with each character struck - is rarely used these days in printing, posited is that the 'worm - evolved to seek out knowledge to maintain its carapace - will start eating silicon.
FlyingToaster, May 13 2016


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