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Solar Power Beach Umbrella

Use radios, fans, laptop ect while out
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While reading a pc magazine i came across a list of products that included a backpack with a flexable solar panel on it that could charge any usb device. the solar panel was about 1ft across and 8 inches in width. Now heres my plan : A large beach umbrella which the top was a solar panel (the flexable kind like the bag had) that had an extension cord type plug outlet that you could run a radio , laptop, ect. it could be used at a beach (of course) or maybe a park , you could even attach it to a picnic table and power your laptop outside. It would include a charging battery that would save the energy from the solar panel if it became cloudy. You could sell a number of accesories such as a mini cooler or a cell phone/ipod dock station. Heres another idea, the cloth-like solar panel but in the form of an 8x8 blanket that could be layed out in the sunlight to gather power for whatever. you can roll this stuff up and store it anywhere.0the solar back pack that has the flexable solar panel that im talking about.
Slaith, Jan 14 2006

solar backpack http://www.networkw...es/2004/006610.html
[Slaith, Jan 14 2006]

Sun~brella http://www.yankodes...php?products_id=574
[Shz, Jan 14 2006]

Why didn't I think of that? http://www.treehugg...der_my_umbrel_1.php
[Shz, Jan 14 2006]

Umbrella with solar panels for phone charging http://www.theregis...one_booster_brolly/
Also incorporates phone antenna. [hippo, Jun 14 2012]


       I doubt you'd get enough power to run a laptop (and I'd never bring a laptop to a beach), but I'm sure you could power something off of this.
5th Earth, Jan 14 2006

       Clearly eminently bakeable. Go make one!
moomintroll, Jan 14 2006

       I like the mini-fridge idea! If you could get 12V out of the umbrella, just put a standard car lighter socket on it and plug in a range of travel accessories! Cool drinks all day without having to lug a box full of ice to the beach!
And for later on, an electrical cooker to BBQ your lunch! [+]
Texbinder, Jan 14 2006

       Hmmmm.... [+]
quantum_flux, Nov 26 2008

       Sadly, if you're thinking about baking this, you've missed the British summer this year. It happened between 11am and 4.30pm on Sunday 22nd April. As for the rest of the world... [+]
Fishrat, Jun 14 2012

       // you've missed the British summer this year //   

       "Oh no, not again ..."
8th of 7, Jun 14 2012


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