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Solar Updraft Tower as Antenna Tower

Imagine the Tokyo Sky Tree except running on free Energy.
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There seems to be a trend involving ever taller structures these days: Tokyo Sky Tree etc..

If it's apparently economically feasible to build a tower only to put an observation deck and antennae on it, then why not use the tower itself to generate electricity (because it's already there), simply by lining it with a tube. The added expense to build a tube up the middle wouldn't be that much and convection would create a natural updraft through the very tall tube, which could spin turbines and create (some) electricity.

One big drawback is the land area needed at the base for the collector, but this assumes that we are making an actual industrial powerstation rather than just powering the single tower itself. The suns rays could be focused (perhaps with shiny surfaces) around the smaller base to heat the air enough to rise through the middle of the tower.

ShawnBob, Apr 08 2010

Solar updraft tower http://en.wikipedia...Solar_updraft_tower
[xaviergisz, Apr 09 2010]

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       [+] There's a complementary idea on here somewhere too... something like "office building power": reflectors on many office buildings converging on one collector.
FlyingToaster, Apr 08 2010

       The land area needed at the base of the collector could be the entire underground parkade itself. I am surprised that every skyskcaper doesn't produce its own power this way.   


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