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solar shade

generate energy while reclaiming land.
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Over land that has been deforested and desertified, install solar panels above the ground spaced in such a way as to keep half the ground in the shade. This would lower the soil temperature retarding water loss and promoting growth of vegetation. The reclaimed land could be used to expand agriculture and to restore forests.
tonybe, Jan 04 2012

Thinking about ginseng farm aplications myself... http://en.wikipedia...Solar_updraft_tower
collector areas as large as 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) in diameter have been considered. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 04 2012]


       Good idea. It has the added benefit of not only growing plants not normally found in a given area, but also producing electricity without photovalvic tech. [link]   

       Probably good to put the panels on tall supports to free up as much space under as possible. Well help shield crops our plants from wind too...
saedi, Jan 04 2012

       Now all we need is for someone to front 10 billion dollars.
DIYMatt, Jan 04 2012

       That's why I'm willing to give the idea away. I'll never have 10 gigglebucks. If anyone has, help yourself.
tonybe, Jan 06 2012


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