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Solar heating robot

biomimicing ants
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These ants gather the solar heat on their bodies and walk themselves into the nest where they transfer it to a central storage. Then come out again to bask in the sun.

pashute, Jun 29 2021

real solar heating ants https://www.youtube...=RZ0DxSujfIU&t=9m8s
[pashute, Jun 29 2021]


       Those ants don't go very far, they just loiter atop the mound until they've warmed up and go inside.   

       Best they can do, I guess - lacking skills to build a solar thermal collector on the roof to heat water for a central storage tank.
a1, Jun 29 2021

       That whole surface to volume thing and travelling to far. Maybe, polar fur hamster-like robots.
wjt, Jul 11 2021

       As alluded to by [wjt], it's about the ratio. High area/low volume to collect heat, Low area/high volume to store. Taking your "ants" to the obvious limit, you use a liquid. Easy to spread out & then concentrate for the two stages, easy to transport, & already baked...
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 11 2021


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