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Solar powered bagpipes

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A range of solar powered bagpipes, ranging from the piccolo pocket bagpipes to the vox dei one with the 18 foot brass pipes.

Of course there being a complete lack of sunlight in the UK, and the northern bits especially, silence would reign.

Oh dear. What a pity. Never mind.

not_morrison_rm, Jun 01 2013

World's first Solar Bagpipe at European Energy Centre (EEC) http://www.youtube....watch?v=LtFQ720MsxI
[pocmloc, Jun 02 2013]

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       [marked for production]   

       Put 'em in the middle of the Sahara where they'll never stop playing (during the day, anyway) and they'll never be heard.   

       Although that raises the question "If solar-powered bagpipes are playing in the desert and there's nobody around to hear them, do they make a sound?"
Canuck, Jun 01 2013

       Oh great. Another stereotyping rant about bagpipes and Scottish weather.   

MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 01 2013

       //Put 'em in the middle of the Sahara   

       Well, the optimum would be in a contained bubble of gas, in orbit, where they would be above the cloud cover. Thence by piezo-electric pickups -> maser downlink the power is conveyed to Earth.   

       So, if you happen to be out at a quiet time, you should just be able to make out the power cables gently humming "..over the seas to Skye.."
not_morrison_rm, Jun 02 2013


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