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Sole-Swapping Shoes

Extra traction in tricky conditions
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I usually wear sneakers in the winter, even when there's tons of snow outside, because I spend most of my time indoors anyway. If it snows a lot and there's ice, I go to school in boots and carry along a pair of sneakers.

Combination indoor-outdoor sneakers could have soles that swap out for boot-like soles for better traction. The soles could be attached with velcro.

This isn't a year-round shoe. I'd wear it if there was snow and ice outside and I had to get to school, because I don't like lugging boots around indoors. I would still wear regular sneakers during the summer.

plasticspoon, Mar 08 2009

Galoshes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galoshes
Swappable open-source replacement soles - not proprietarily linked to one particular shoe...."The term may trace back to the Middle Ages, from the Gaulish shoe or gallicae." [zen_tom, Mar 09 2009]


       Traction chains? TRACTION CHAINS!?! That's so...that's so...SIMPLE!   

       Wait, I don't get it. Do the shoes in the link have soles that come off?
plasticspoon, Mar 08 2009

       I think our ideas are sufficiently different. However, I do admit that their idea is better.
plasticspoon, Mar 08 2009


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