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Sonar Shark Warning System

Okay, somebody has to have thought of THIS no?
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Buoy has a sonar system that triangulates readings of things under water bigger than say 5 feet.

So how do you know it's not a seal or a sealion? You'd analyze the movement profile. Then if the movement through the water is indicated as sharky, do that laser thing where you draw a shark profile on the water where it's located from a laser pointer on the buoys.

doctorremulac3, Jul 09 2024


       When my daughter was eight I told her about people tapping crocodiles on the nose and that their eyes would role back in their heads and that they couldn't close their mouths.   

       She asked if the same thing worked for sharks?   

       I spent years trying to find the answer to my daughters question.   

       Turns out that sharks are controlled by their noses.
Lot's of videos now of divers balancing blue and even great white sharks by their noses. Mesmerizes them. True story.
Check it out if you are interested.


       The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.   

       //draw a shark profile on the water//   

       So, you're projecting an outline on to the surface of the water? Who would be able to see this outline?
pertinax, Jul 10 2024

       I think anybody in the water would be able to see it. As the waves peaked you'd even see the thing pulsing. Even if you couldn't make out the shape from the low angle you'd be in as a swimmer or surfboarder, if you saw projected lights on the surface of the water you'd know it was a shark even if the shape wasn't apparent.
doctorremulac3, Jul 10 2024


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