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Sonic Gawker Prod

Move along people, nothing to see here.
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A large part of the reason traffic accidents jam up traffic so badly is the inevitable looky-loo slowing as each driver reaches the scene of the accident and instinctually slows down to catch a glimpse. An ultrasound beam designed to cause a vehicle to resonate in a way that generates a loud, obnoxious sound would serve as a gentle reminder to keep things moving. A police officer could stand by the scene of the accident and zap any dilatory motorists with the ultrasonic equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. Eventually, chronic dawdlers would be conditioned to expect the sound, and would learn to focus on driving like a polite human being in order to avoid it.
ytk, Feb 22 2011

so many ideas, so many categories... http://www.halfbake..._3a_20Rubbernecking
[po, Feb 22 2011]

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       idea to post - halfbakery traffic policeman required to direct category traffic - hic, sorry its late!
po, Feb 22 2011

       Thanks for the tip, [po]. Changed.
ytk, Feb 22 2011


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