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Sonic Washing Machine

Clean your laundry using sound waves.
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Is it possible to create a sonic washing machine which cleans the laundry by bombarding it with soundwaves? It would be similar to the machines used in hospitals which use soundwaves to break up kidney stones. The sound waves would break down grease and dirt and leave the laundry clean and fresh without the need for water or detergents.
applestew, Mar 14 2008

Is this where it's from? http://www.discogs.com/release/367228
[xandram, Mar 14 2008]

Ultrasound Washing Machines (2002) http://www.designne...ticle/CA200975.html
Two different designs hit the market in Japan. [jutta, Mar 14 2008]

you'd need one of these to make repairs http://en.wikipedia...i/Sonic_screwdriver
[po, Mar 15 2008]


       Google "ultrasonic washing machine"
ldischler, Mar 14 2008

       Helpful hint: Make your title as clear and descriptive as possible, then Google it.   

       You are still going to need water to carry the dirt away, and detergent to latch onto the grease. Otherwise you are just going to get finely ground dirt and smooth grease left in your clothes.
baconbrain, Mar 14 2008

       Damn, I was all ready to vote for this when I was expecting you to simply suggest a picture of Sonic the hedgehog inside washing machine doors, which would spin with the clothes (and be accompanied by a very appropriate noise).   

       You have let me down.
fridge duck, Mar 14 2008

       One of a (long) list of patents purchased out of existance. And before you post your Ceramic Razorblade, a note, please google.
4whom, Mar 17 2008


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