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Sonic minesweeper

loud noises save lives?
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Sort of inspired by the Boomba (see link).

A probe that is stuck in the ground and generates a high amplitude sound wave, scanning through a range of frequencies. the idea is to get the landmines to resonate violently, enough to give away their location.

I think that some minesweepers may already use ultrasound to find mines in a way similar to sonar.

I don't know how practical this would be, or its effects on the creepy crawlies that live in the soil. Then again, if I knew it all it wouldnt be half baked.

Helixthecat, Dec 02 2006

Boomba Boomba
Inspirational [Helixthecat, Dec 02 2006]


       I thought this was an audio version of the video game.
JesusHChrist, Dec 02 2006

       //resonate wildly, enough to give away their location//   

       Any resonance would sooner lead the land mine to explosion than let you "hear" it vibrating (on a sonar, or with your bare ears). That's not neccessairly a bad thing, mind you. (Well, it is kind of bad for the creepy crawlies you mentioned, come to think of it.)
Veho, Dec 02 2006

       Creepy-crawlies reproduce faster than people, usually. And they get blown up anyway if some poor schmo walks over a land mine playing soccer, herding his cattle, or attempting to avoid slaughter at the hand of racist dictators.
shapu, Dec 02 2006

       After starting this up, you would want to clear the area in case there were any sandworms about.
bungston, Dec 02 2006

       I didnt want to say that the resonation would cause the mines to explode because I was unsure it would, but if it does thats even better!   

       Good point about the creepy crawlies. I guess worrying about the environment isn't a priority when your country is loaded with explosoves.
Helixthecat, Dec 02 2006


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