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Sow Your Oats Wide

Garden on other people’s property.
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Leeks clinging to your landlord's rooftop,
Marjoram on your auntie’s lawn,
Pole beans climbing up her neighbor's carport,
Raspberries hidden in a nearby ravine,
Rice behind a van down by the river,
Collards cowering in the church yard,
Parsnips beneath the pastor's petunias,
Potatoes in that patch behind the bookstore,
Musk melons midway down the alley off of main street,
Mustard greens and mint invading [XSarenkaX]'s back yard,
Red corn rising in the railroad's right-of-way,
Garbanzo's at the golf course 30 paces past hole five,
“X” marks the spot.

Gather produce by moonlight. Pirate or Ninja outfits not strictly necessary.

Laughs Last, Jun 30 2005


       Err... yes, actually, yes. [+]
david_scothern, Jun 30 2005

       Croissant for sowing wild oats - I used to scatter poppy seeds in parks and other public places that needed a bit of color.
DrCurry, Jun 30 2005

       Yes. Out walking in the garden.
reensure, Jun 30 2005

       Raiders of the lost garden.   

       You had me until "Pirate or Ninja outfits not strictly necessary". There should be many rules, stringent contigencies based around a code of death and honor only given to those good men and women worthy of such practice. BUN
daseva, Jun 30 2005

       Withholding vote until "Pirate" is worked into the title so I can say AR!
Madai, Jun 30 2005

       I don't understand this so I'm going to go along with it [+]
pooduck, Jun 30 2005

       + arr +
DesertFox, Jul 01 2005

       LL, Out Standing in his Field.   

csea, Jul 01 2005

       I can't remember where i'm growing mushrooms
benfrost, Jul 02 2005

       Your feet?
benindubai, Jul 02 2005

       Damn that’s me!
benindubai, Jul 02 2005

       Community garden failures reflect so precisely why communities don't really work.
mensmaximus, Jul 02 2005

       Can I post my ideas as annotations in yours?
wagster, Jul 02 2005

       Hilarious...except you can't invade MY yard! (Funny, it only took me a whole year to find this one.)   

       Besides, I already have chocolate mint growing in my herb garden, and you're welcome to it. Just leave some for me.
XSarenkaX, Jul 14 2006


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