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Space Elevator Power Source

Use vibrational energy from space elevator cable to power cable cars
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Well, let me try again: Since the cable will, to some (significant) degree, vibrate mechanically anyway, one method of gathering power for use along its length (such as powering elevator cars from electricity) could be by scavenging this mechanical energy, rather than by beaming it from a source at the base or counterweight, etc. Bungston has it absolutely right, btw, this vibrational energy is commonly known as twang... Any technological development would have to be scaled up from the microelectrical devices now working--I guess I was simply pointing out that this might be not only a possible form of energy to use on a space elevator, but also might to some degree serve as a damp on such a structure.
cloudface, Feb 04 2009

article on structural vibration energy scavenging http://www.articlea...tions/350245-1.html
new link to different source [cloudface, Feb 04 2009, last modified Feb 09 2009]


       The page linked to says it's for micro electrical mechanical systems ... I doubt that it would be sufficient for space elevator cable cars.
goldbb, Feb 04 2009

       Where is all this vibrational energy going to come from? The cars going up the cable, by chance?
lurch, Feb 04 2009

       I don't think that this sort of thing belongs. Post the idea, or don't post at all. This has a spammy smell....
WcW, Feb 04 2009

       a) wind generators = baked

       b) previous patent = baked

       c) [marked-for-deletion] see a) and b)
FlyingToaster, Feb 04 2009

       Would coating the cables in some sort of magnetic custard help?
daseva, Feb 04 2009

       What [bigsleep] said - also, if you have an idea, try posting it in your own words - the halfbakery isn't digg, or fark or any of those link-driven websites - you're supposed to describe your idea in your own words.   

       If you are just excited about this patent try to find an existing idea that follows a similar theme, and link it to that - but it's a little like spamming to create your own post for the purpose of supporting a link.   

       And finally, if you want others to get excited about the thing linked, try telling us what it is about the idea that makes it exciting - right now I'm underwhelmed.
zen_tom, Feb 04 2009

       /Where is all this vibrational energy going to come from? The cars going up the cable, by chance?/   

       I think you are supposed to pluck them with a big pick. A sort of giant space bass.
bungston, Feb 04 2009

       Or bowed, with a big honkin' rainbow. Depends on your point of view, of course.
lurch, Feb 05 2009

       It would make a neat toy (I haven't looked at the link but I presume the cars inch up every second quarter-wavelength of a vibration)
FlyingToaster, Feb 05 2009


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