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Space Fishing

Faster cheaper way to provision the space station
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Instead of docking to the space station, the resupply vessel launches a small satellite on a trajectory that will take it within a few kilometers of the station. The space station is equipped with harpoon-like device, which shoots a hook on a string toward the satellite as it passes. The hook (maybe a magnet) latches onto the satellite and the space station reels it in and brings it on board through an airlock. The astronauts can then open it to find dried ice cream, clean jumpsuits, and whatever else astronauts need.

The advantage is that any spacecraft capable of launching a satellite would be able to send supplies to the space station. It would also probably be safer because there would be a lower chance of a collision.

AO, Aug 31 2003

Pod Bay Door http://www.moviesou...om/2001/imsorry.wav
[HAL, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Big problem if you miss and the 'harpoon' or magnet knocks your supply satellite out of orbit.
Cedar Park, Aug 31 2003

       Yeedawgies, get the net, Vern!
Got me a starfish, and I think it's a big'un.
thumbwax, Sep 04 2003

       [cedar park] Big problem also if the supply satilite hits the ISS and half knocks it out of orbit!!
my-nep, Feb 04 2004

       Maybe you could also make a robot dog that chases the supply vessel down the street.
mecotterill, Apr 14 2009


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