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Spaghetti box portion flaps

Get the right amount every time!
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This invention would involve calibrating the flaps on each side as you open a box of spaghetti. One flap would be long enough to block 2/3 the box contents the other would block 1/3. That way you could easily portion out the spaghetti in the box without having to remove any excess.
jhomrighaus, Oct 06 2022

Like this Tupperware offering? https://www.amazon....Black/dp/B00OCJY6YG
[a1, Oct 06 2022]

Or these https://www.amazon....asher/dp/B0971ML6SW
Lids have a sliding top that has two holes that will give you two different measurements spaghetti.. [a1, Oct 06 2022]

Or the sixth example on this page https://www.ateriet...paghetti-packaging/
[a1, Oct 06 2022]


       Baked. Boiled. Whatever. See links.
a1, Oct 06 2022

       Why don't you just count the strands like a normal person? It's the only way to be accurate. This invention seems unnaceptably approximate.
pocmloc, Oct 06 2022

       If you stored your spaghetti as one long noodle on a reel, you could just measure and cut (well... break) to length.
Loris, Oct 06 2022

       Or even better, make portion-sized noodle lengths, rolled up into individual cylinders.
Loris, Oct 06 2022

       I think this stands by itself as a novel approach if done on the cardboard box the spaghetti comes in, as long as it doesn't get torn open, as most of those boxes normally do. For those hasty moments when you just need some noodles.
mylodon, Oct 06 2022

       Welcome back man, long time no see!
21 Quest, Oct 06 2022

       A few years ago I designed a gold medal to celebrate the presidency of Donald Trump. It was like most other medals apart from one big difference: it had a large hole in its centre. The (unexplained) purpose of the hole was to act as a size guage to provide the perfect measure for a portion of spaghetti. If I can find the illustration I'll post it as a tumblr link..... it may take a bit of time... I have many notebooks and some have over a hundred pages, each which are all jammed with work in no particular order or orientation. In fact in no order at all. They just all exist simultaneously. hahahha
xenzag, Oct 06 2022

       Is it wrong that I have absolutely no notebooks and all of this shit is contained entirely within my head?
If so, I'm screwed.

       ...oh, and what [21 Quest] said.   

       Ah - the headspace is the ROM and the notebooks are the RAM oh wait, maybe it's the other way round, oh wait, maybe it's both!
xenzag, Oct 07 2022

       This site is my only notebook other than sketches.   

       I very much like the idea of package portion sizing.   

       Can't understand why it hasn't been a thing since the twenties or so.   


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