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What dire straits would a man have to be in to actually make this I do not know.
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...Oh I know...reading the halfbakery very early one morning and seeing an idea inspired by Monty Python which lead to the realization that the combination of Custard and Spam is a great combination of the Halfbakery and Monty Python's flying circus.

Take one can of Spam and mash up quite well. Add to this 2 cups of milk, a table spoon of corn starch and heat until it thickens. Add desired spices to desired taste. I suggest brown sugar or ginger. Refrigerate until cool.

I will re-edit this idea once i try it.

While I doubt that Spam is Kosher to begin with (I could be wrong) I believe this idea is very un-Kosher as it combines meat (I hope Spam is actually meat) and dairy.

MrDaliLlama, Jun 17 2005

(?) Shrubbery This is what spawned the Spam-Custard idea [MrDaliLlama, Jun 17 2005]

SPAM http://www.cs.berke...~ddgarcia/spam.html
[Ling, Jun 17 2005]

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       I thought this was a service that would send custard with silly messages on the container to all of your friends en masse, 5 times a day or more. Possible titles would be   


       do you want a thicker dessert?
sartep, Jun 17 2005

       Once I find that this is actually edible that may be one means of distribution. This idea will not deluge your e-mail accounts but may give me a (stomach) virus. I have not considered thickness yet as I am not even sure I will want to eat this.
MrDaliLlama, Jun 17 2005

       Spustard perhaps?
DenholmRicshaw, Jun 17 2005

       Spustard sounds like an insult.
harderthanjesus, Jun 17 2005


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