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Rubber Spaghetti

It's Food: Ha-ha Dangerous after all
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I was cleaning up my dinner, which was spaghetti, when I thought of how rubbery under-cooked noodles can be.

Then I had this ridiculous picture in my mind of a guy trying to chew rubber spaghetti.

It would be a great joke to put in light yellow rubber spaghetti noodles into spaghetti sauce and serve to unsuspecting victims, who then proceed to try and chew the noodles.

And, knowing from several young children, rubber can pass through a digestive system without harm.

DesertFox, Feb 03 2005

American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists http://www.aavp.org/Jun97News.htm
Advances in Tapeworm Systematics: The Second International Workshop for Tapeworm Systematics, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, October 2-6, 1996 [benfrost, Feb 03 2005]

For [tRobs] http://www.torontof....com/spaghetti.html
503 feet [Worldgineer, Mar 02 2005]


       I think it would be fun to give someone just one extremely long spaghetti strand on a plate. Then when the poor diner tries to spin a neat forkful of spaghetti, he will find he cannot stop until the whole contents of the plate are now hanging from his fork :)
phundug, Feb 03 2005

       a popular gag at tapeworm conventions - see link
benfrost, Feb 03 2005

       "I know I asked for my spaghetti al dente, but this is ridiculous!"
Machiavelli, Feb 03 2005


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