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Spammer Killer

SETTI@home is a waste of CPU power....
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Someone needs to develop a distributed computing application that anti-spamist's run on their machine. The software would detect spam both manually and automatically and colaborate with every users software to determine how bad the spammer is. If the threat is great enough, The software initiates a DDOS attack to the source of the spam, taking down their server.

Think, if it was well written and worked well enough, people would think twice about sending junk for the fear of their connection going down. :).

decompyler, Feb 25 2003

Distributed spam responder http://www.halfbake..._20spam_20responder
Directed against web sites rather than probably innocent/spoofed/hard-to-find mail servers, but otherwise very similar. [Monkfish, Oct 04 2004]


       No thanks, this universe is interesting enough already.
snarfyguy, Feb 25 2003

       This is exactly what I'm trying to accomplish...   

       I have a copy of TFN2K, some DDOS software.   

       I want to find some knowledgable C programmers to help me give it a Graphical User Interface (GUI), and to limit it so it can't be used by any one individual to do any real damage to a website.   

       I'd limit it so it can only cause 54MB per day of additional traffic to a website... thus, if a person has a grudge against a legitimate website, they can't use it to hurt that website.   

       But, for the spammers, it's a different matter. Imagine 1000 people running this, and they all get spammed by a large spammer. They drop the spamvertised website URL into the list in the program, and start running it. With 1000 people running it, that'd be about 50GB per day in hosting costs that the spammer would have to pay.   

       The software would automatically remove a URL from its list after a set number of days (I'm thinking 7), so all the people would have to do is dig out the spamvertised website URL and drop it into the program. They wouldn't have to worry about keeping track of which ones to remove from the list.   

       The software would automatically remove duplicates, so if a person is getting spam each day from the same website, it'd stay in the list until 7 days after the last spam they received from that spammer, but a person couldn't just add the same website in several times and DOS the website.   

       Each website in the list would be hit for 54MB of data per day.   

       The software would use spoofed packets, so the spammers couldn't trace the users down and attack them.
hillscap, Apr 02 2004

       As much as I hate spam, the attack you propose is just as illegal. The U.S. goverment (FBI I believe) used a worm to shut down a group of people doing a web sit-in to bring down the server of a company they were protesting. The courts ruled that what they did was just as illegal as if a hacker did it. Running the program you propose would be illegal. Besides, I wouldn't want to have an account on the same server as a spammer if this software was distributed. It would crash my provider as well.
Nitehawk, Apr 02 2004

       I don't like the DDoS part, but a distributed spam filter would be pretty spiffy. It could determine which messages are spam by the number of times the network had seen them. The wider the distribution of a message, the more obviously it is spam.
Cosmic Flurk, Apr 02 2004

       What I would like is a website I could send all my spam and unwanted email to. The site would in turn return a list of friendly links to which I could go and unsubscribe, and a list of spammers the it is hopeless to interact with and should just ban in my email reader.
popbottle, Dec 18 2016


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